With a numerous number of enterprises operating in the market, blockchain programming is rapidly dominating the global economy and technology sector, it is predicted to quickly become one of the new-age technological foundations. However, along with high growth potential, blockchain enterprises must deal with the onerous problem of managing and hiring blockchain workers to fulfill the industry’s growing demand.

Effective solution for helping blockchain companies with remote it personnel recruitment

1. The overload of the HR department

A robust IT team is key for blockchain companies’ long-term success. As a result, several blockchain businesses have decided to focus all of their efforts on creating core IT teams. However, this means that the resources and personnel available to acquire blockchain experts are “overwhelmed.”


Multinational recruitment is a complicated process that necessitates detailed planning, from advertisement to candidate selection, interviewing, and negotiation. Moreover, the blockchain business is in desperate need of qualified IT staff due to the significant gap between demand and supply in the market.


Imagine that managing a huge number of employees in a “large” company is already onerous, so HR professionals can still afford to pursue a more challenging goal – hiring fresh blockchain personnel?

2. The shortage of blockchain employee

As previously said, blockchain is developing at a lightning speed, resulting in a sudden growth in the demand of employees. On the other hand, it needs a lot of time to educate qualified IT personnel. Recruitment has been difficult, but it’s considerably more challenging when the market has a brisk demand.


To attract people for a company’s technology projects, the firms need to hunt for applicants on a larger scale and provide them with superior policies. Furthermore, the business will always have to deal with the issue of “job hopping” of applicants in the workplace as competing offers grow more and more appealing. The shortage of IT personnel creates a lot of problems for managing and recruiting employees.

3. The difficult in finding recruitment lead

The demand for blockchain professionals is growing in tandem with market expansion and corporate development. When the local resource of IT people is not able to maintain demand, candidates from other cities, and even other countries, must be sought. In this scenario, what is the most successful recruitment lead?


Some blockchain companies utilize a recruitment platform and their website to find candidates. However, this method is only viable if the company has the finest policy in the market or if the organization needs to locate workers in the surrounding locality. If organizations use this approach to international recruitment, they will get nowhere.


So, if multinational recruitment was appropriate for a blockchain company’s HR department? How does the HR department find and recruit IT talent from different regions or countries?

Effective solution for helping blockchain companies with remote development personnel recruitment

4. The effective solution for recruiting qualified blockchain employee

Remote IT hiring is getting increasingly popular. As the workload in the business grows and the local pool of applicants becomes limited, technology businesses are preparing to train and deploy remote teams. Because of the market’s growth and the many types of employees, it’s far easier to find blockchain employees than it is to find traditional employees.


Choosing an IT-intensive recruitment agency for the recruitment role will be the ideal complement to this solution. Your request will be received by the IT recruitment firm, which will then search for and choose appropriate applicants. 


You can set particular criteria for job openings, such as:


  • Experience: This is a significant criterion that employers consider. The more experience the candidate needs to have, the more difficult the employer must overcome. Finding experienced candidates is the strength of a recruitment firm with a large pool of candidates and a well-trained hunter team.
  • Programming languages theory: Recruiting firms are always willing to supply candidates with a variety of programming languages, including Rust, Python, Go, C++, Java, and Javascript, among others. This is an excellent option for businesses that have numerous projects and need a lot of personnel for technology positions.
  • Salary: A IT recruitment firm will assist two parties in negotiating a salary: the employer and the candidate. Recruitment agencies, in particular, will offer a suggested wage that is suitable for the role as well as the human resource market, based on their knowledge of the market. If you need to hire remote workers from other countries, this service will assist you in developing a policy that will make it easier for you to hire people.


Furthermore, IT recruitment companies will assist businesses with personnel interviews, wage negotiations, and client recruiting procedures. The most appealing aspect of working with a local company is that they have done extensive research and learned particularly about the candidate’s qualifications, desired salary, and needs.


Professional IT staffing firms have a ready-made network of prospects and recruiters with whom they may connect. From there, these units may simply approach potential applicants during the hiring process and provide the best possible service to clients.


Blockchain Headhunter Vietnam


RECO, being one of Vietnam’s leading IT recruitment firms, we confident in our ability to provide you with the best solution for your remote blockchain recruitment needs, including: 

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  • Modes have a two-month warranty policy. 
  • Flexibility in payment time


Reco Manpower’s strength is recruiting remote programmers. We always accompany technological companies to provide appealing career growth chances for programmers in Vietnam.

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