HR, even at the first glance, has never been a simple job, and every HR department has to deal with a variety of issues.

As a human resources manager, you must always have to take into careful consideration all the questions related to how many people you should hire, how to get the quality employees or how to efficiently use and train personnel. In many firms, the focus on speeding up the IT recruitment process is a pressing concern. This article will state the two most frequent cases of this problem. Therefore, you’ll realize that all managers take a long time to decide what is the best option for the company, whereas if the decision had been made sooner, the company’s growth rate might have increased significantly.

1. The urgent need to fill high-level positions in the IT company:

This case involves a technological startup that has never had a profit margin, in three years straight, less than 300 percent. They developed from a small set of operations, so the CEO is responsible for almost all the tasks, including company administration, human resource management, and so on. After that, the firm grew too fast for the CEO to manage all the departments, hence, they decided to build an HR department. 

However, due to a shortage of IT employees in the market at the time, the HR team was unable to acquire the required number of IT workforce to meet the company’s demand. As a result, they need to hire a new HR manager with sufficient experience as well as knowledge of this industry to speed up the IT recruitment process. The company, even though willing to pay a large amount of money to recruit employees for this position, is still struggling to achieve what they need.

2. The organization needs to hire IT employees quickly and at a minimal cost:

This is a quite long-standing company in the switchboard industry, but they have never really systematically invested in big data. They are implementing more technology in their stages in accordance with the digital revolution. Therefore, the organization’s need for IT specialists to manage technological problems become an immediate demand. 

As a newcomer in the segment, the company lacks many fundamental understanding of the market to create a suitable candidate portrait. They always had one of two issues with the available candidates. While the company’s budget is only appropriate with limited-ability ones, the well-experienced applicants to meet the company’s request would prefer a salary that is much higher than that.

3. The problems human resources manager have to face:

A technological company faces a challenge of finding high-level staff to speed up the IT recruitment process for the company. In order to obtain the appropriate applicants, the most struggling problem is to get access to as well as choosing the candidate that meets the company’s requirements. The reason behind this is mainly because people who are qualified for these occupations often do not have time to look for opportunities, hence, the corporation must take the lead to go and discover them. However, the company’s HR department lacks experience in recruiting at this market level, which may result in many negative consequences of hiring the incorrect employees for the company.

Unlike the first story, the second organization does not require a lot of human resources in these high positions, but they are concerned about cost minimization in lower-level positions. Part of the problem is because they only reach a limited segment of the industry to have that many options to consider. They lack an overall understanding of the industry, making it difficult to assess the suitable salary range and negotiate properly with candidates. Because the HR department is inexperienced, it is difficult to accurately appraise a candidate’s abilities.

Although this could be considered as two distinct issues, they are the two most pressing problems confronting organizations, and both come from a lack of access to and awareness of the recruitment market, particularly the IT industry. It takes a lot of time and effort to comprehend a new industry, and organizations cannot devote all of their resources to educating their employees only to establish a recruiting team. Most importantly, the team just dedicated to the segment they do not have much of requirements (such as senior staff of a technology company or a small number of employees for the technology department and projects) 

4. The effective solution for these cases:

The possible solution for 2 aforementioned problems is hunting through the IT headhunt agency. Among all of them, one of the best headhunter agencies in Vietnam is RECO. This headhunt agency – after 9 years in the IT human resources industry – confidently guarantees the ability to supply human resources as well as the quality of the candidates:

With over 1.000.000 eligible databases of IT applicants, advanced technology, and professional service, this headhunt agency guarantees the ability to supply human resources with the quality requirements from the clients. Moreover, with these advantages, the candidates arising from headhunt companies always have better quality premises than people from the inner company HR department. 

RECO is known for its expertise in hunting employees for high-level positions and has a wide range of networks to not only look for, but also get suitable access to people appropriate with these positions easily.

With its experience, RECO can, right after getting the clients’ requirement, evaluate the candidates in this industry and suggest the most reasonable salary for each position.

After receiving a request from a customer, within 3-5 days, this headhunt agency can find the CVs that fulfill the request and promote a fast recruiting process that can save a large amount of money for the company.

The most important thing is that you do not need to know much about the IT field to use this service as all you have to do is submit a request and select a suitable applicant, obtain the required candidate and lastly, pay a monthly fee.

Reco Manpower Team


Founded in 2004, RecruitPlus has become one of the best headhunter companies in Singapore specializing in recruitment services that cover a wide range of different industries. This includes the likes of Architecture & Design, Education & Training, Manufacturing & Precision Engineering as well as Infotechnology & Gaming. They even have a dedicated team with talented specialists to help tailor the clients’ specific needs and preferences. 


2. Ace Recruiters (Headhunt company in Singapore)

Ace Recruiters is no stranger to the recruitment industry, given their illustrious history for over 20 years since 1995. This headhunt company covers everything from providing various job searches to solving employers’ staffing problems regardless of a temporary, permanent, or contract basis. For job seekers, Ace Recruiters is also successful in providing career advice, tips, and other relevant areas of expertise to help fulfill your long-term target. 


3. Kelly Singapore (Headhunt company in Singapore) 

Kelly is a name that goes without saying. Since the establishment in 1946, this US-based office staffing firm has built a name for itself all over the world. Their area of industry specializations covers a wide range from Banking & Financial Services, Contact Centre, Engineering to Human Resources. 

Other important resources offered by this headhunt company include career updates, talent requests, and online resume submission. In addition, Kelly also provides workforce solutions for businesses, such as temporary/permanent staffing and contract/payroll administration.


4. Navigos Search (Headhunt company in Vietnam)


When looking for a headhunt company, Navigoes is an excellent choice. Since the recruiting platform attracts a large number of applicants, it ensures that not only each company’s requirement is met, but they are also given the best solution possible. Navigos’ headhunter team has vast experience and expertise, especially in industries such as manufacturing, finance, and IT.

Furthermore, by conducting HR seminars regularly, Navious’ clients can obtain valuable, relevant, and essential knowledge tailored to their specific workplace needs.


5.  RECO (Headhunt company in Vietnam)

RECO inherits and supports optimum strategies and procedures from the Parent Company – the NTQ Solution – a brand specializing in consulting and recruiting senior professionals in the information technology industry.

This headhunt company,  after 9 years in the IT human resources industry, guarantees their ability to supply human resources as well as the quality of the candidates. All these workforce are carefully chosen with over 1.000.000 eligible databases of available IT applicants, advanced technology, and professional service, this headhunt company


RECO provides 3 specialized HR services: RECO 7, RECO Onsite, and RECO BOT. 

  • RECO 7 is a seven-day process that assists employers in locating qualified IT candidates. This is regarded as the primary service provided by this headhunt company.
  • RECO Onsite offers HR leasing options for the majority of IT projects requirements. Customers would not be under labor code strain with this approach.
  • RECO BOT is a complete human resource solution for the technology industry, consisting of three phases: build – operate – transfer.


RECO will be responsible for working with partners in recruiting and operations to ensure the staff’s wellbeing before transferring the entire team for this service. RECO manages this team administratively until the entity is passed to the client under the clients’ request.


HRchannels (Headhunt company in Vietnam) 

HRchannels is one of the best headhunter companies on the market today, with over ten years of experience and continuous growing activities. HRchannels has vast expertise and long-serving employees to meet and best manage the recruitment needs of managers and businesses of all fields.

HRchannels’ services will help you better serve each customer’s needs, with a head office in Hanoi and branch offices in several other regions of the country. Online recruiting, senior staff request, consulting, networking, and other services are available, depending on the requirements and the specific needs of each company.


Manpower Việt Nam (Headhunt company in Vietnam)

Manpower Vietnam is also one of Vietnam’s biggest headhunt companies. Officially working since 2008, with 100% investment capital from the ManpowerGroup, the company has slowly gained its reputation among the HR industry. As a result, Manpower is capable of meeting the demands of all companies, regardless of its big or small size. The main services that Manpower Vietnam can provide include: recruitment services, labor solutions, and HR consulting. However, the company of Manpower Vietnam, in some negative aspects, seems to not meet all business requirements due to its emphasis on particular industries such as insurance, pharmacies, manufacturing, restaurants, banking and hotels. 


KCG Recruitment (Philippines Headhunt Company)

KC Global Talent Solutions offers Executive Search and Headhunting Services for registered companies in the Philippines. This headhunt company provides candidates for managerial, niche, and C-level positions across multiple industries. Their Executive Recruiters and Headhunters utilize best practices to attract active and passive managerial, niche, and C-level candidates, sourcing talent from various recruitment channels of their internal candidate database to online job portals, industry contacts, and networking events.   


Fischer & Partners (Headhunt company in Thailand & Indonesia)

The headhunting services provided by Fischer & Partners assist clients in identifying and engaging exceptional talent who are well-established in their professions and are not actively seeking new opportunities. Senior technical roles, consultants, and senior executive positions are all examples of those scarce resources. 

Fischer & Partners will create a list of targeted types of companies to do a deep research, in collaboration with their client, and then headhunt these talents within those companies. To protect their client’s privacy, the highest degree of confidentiality would be used.


Criterion Asia (Headhunt company in Thailand)

Criterion Asia specializes in IT & Digital, Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Industrial & Engineering, Supply Chain & Logistics, and Agriculture recruitment and executive search services. This headhunt company is famous as Thailand’s leading recruiting agency. In Southeast Asia, they concentrate on mid-to upper-level management roles. Criterion Asia specializes in the F&B value chain and IT management as well as executive search services. The company’s belief is always: “Quality over Quantity.”


PNG Manpower

PNG Manpower is a Government Certified dual accredited and licensed company recognized by the ministry of overseas PNG affairs. PNG Manpower is Papua New Guinea based 100% as nationally owned company. Recruitment Service, Labor Hiring Service, Work Permit/ Visa Service, Training, General consultancy, Modelling Agency procurement and general Contracting Work are the high-level services which help to create a high-quality profile to attract a stream of national and international companies. They endeavor to supply quality and innovative service to all clients in various different fields. Their mission is to manage talent for sustainable growth in order to build an intimate relationship of enduring value. This headhunt company aims to secure, retain and align towards their clients strategic goals whilst supporting individual’s candidates to actualize their potential, manage their aspirations and achieve their dream career path. Client retention and commitment are the focus of all the company’s parties.

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