If you work in the field of technology, we believe you will still have difficulty in finding the efficient solutions for IT recruitment. As a recruiting consultant, we understand that the demand for employees changes day by day, especially when each project is initiated, and it takes a lot of time and effort for the organization to find the right candidates. Many managers are left wondering: “What is the ideal solutions for IT recuitment?” We hope you’ll find this article helpful in your situation. Let’s start with the challenges that the majority of IT businesses face.

1. Not having enough candidates for IT recruitment

Firstly, the most popular issue in the market nowadays is: a shortage of project manpower. Technological companies are constantly advertising job vacancies, especially for IT positions, so how come the situation of labor shortage can happen? This issue arises as a result of companies’ inability to reach applicants via traditional recruiting platforms.


Consider this: if there are 400.000 IT workers in the country, how many percent of them could find your job advertisements on the internet? The number of effective cases is insufficient in comparison with the necessary amount required by the company, resulting in not having enough candidates for IT recruitment. 


Lack of staff, eventually, will decrease the development of not only the project but also the whole enterprise as the quality of work is assured, and it has a direct impact on your company’s image, resulting in a large profit depletion. Therefore, it is obvious that this circumstance is not what the managers and the superiors are looking for.

2. The different need for IT employees in each period

The next issue occurs as a result of the way companies, especially those that outsource their resources, operate. These businesses must ensure both product quality and schedule processing while, at the same time, completing their assigned projects. Because of the peculiarity of their job requirement, the number of projects and the amount of workload fluctuates throughout the year. Managers must always focus on different ways to increase income, but they cannot hire a large number of employees just to manage peak workloads and then pay an extensive salary to keep them on during off-peak hours. 


Recruiting, both in general and in particular for the IT recruitment, is difficult for many aforementioned reasons. Therefore, to recruit an appropriate IT staff, companies need to have more effective solutions for accessing and finding their personnel. 

Efficient solutions for IT recruitment
Efficient solutions for IT recruitment

4. The efficient solutions for IT recruitment

Using internal business platforms, such as getting employees presented by acquaintances, contacting former candidates, and sharing recruitment news on the company’s website and social media, are the preferred IT recruitment tools that are commonly used these days. For some positions that require labour-intensive and skilled employees and can be considered as extremely hard to recruit, some entrepreneurs even run advertisements with a modest budget.

However, this method is only successful if the company already has a strong reputation with noticeable brand image, abundant and copious material, as well as the ability to reach the right candidates. If in some scenarios that the internal recruitment channels fail, external recruiting channels might become the most successful alternative.


External recruiting channels which, in most cases, proved to be more effective than internal channels include:

  • Recruitment platform
  • Public event, specialized seminars
  • Recruitment articles in newspapers, reputable news sites in the industry 


These IT recruitment platforms are generally charged with very little (or even no) fees, so you can use this channel without worrying about a complex strategy or a large budget. Furthermore, since the main workforce who visit these websites are all searching for work, hence, the rate of reaching potential candidates can increase significantly in this case. Through these platforms, the “Natural applicants” are those who happen to glance at your company’s job posting by chance, find it appropriate, and then apply their CV. The platform’s obligations end there.


Recruitment networking events, specialized seminars, can act as an opportunity for employers to meet potential candidates through interactive communication methods. However, in recent times, the biggest obstacle for this channel is the complicated status of the Covid-19 pandemic, which constantly makes crowded offline events impossible and impractical. 

Newspaper advertising, on the other hand, is a bright spot in the context of limited offline events. However, the difference between the cost of posting and regular maintenance, for reputable channels and news sites, is a significant number. Therefore, this channel is often chosen to affirm the recruitment brand of the enormous enterprise, instead of acting as the main recruitment channel that works effectively for the company. 

Efficient solutions for IT recruitment
Efficient solutions for IT recruitment

However, as experienced HR consultants, we only use these channels to supplement my IT recruitment campaign. Your recruitment department will definitely need more than that if you want to be successful in this field! A wise advice to my clients from our side is to choose a more effective solution – anIT headhunter company if:

  • The company needs a large number of employees
  • The company needs high qualified personnel
  • The company needs to recruit senior and superior IT positions 


Businesses must use the IT candidates database of some other channels to help them create the proper connection. IT headhunting firms also provide clients with a diverse profile and are aware of candidates’ active status, allowing them to look for and approach candidates that meet the criteria in a constructive and concentrated manner.



You will not receive a jumbled or disorganized list of applicant’s CVs from a headhunting firm as all CVs are carefully screened to ensure that they are the most appropriate with the client’s requirements. Employers will also be carefully assisted in dealing with various prospective applicants after that. A respectable headhunt company will still have a straightforward warranty policy that supplies and supports clients with a new applicant to replace the previous candidate who unexpectedly terminated the jobs. Even though this can be considered as a rare case, the headhunt company always guarantees before, during, and after the hiring process.



For supervisors who are struggling in managing the proper number of employees for flexible projects, have you ever considered recruiting seasonal workers? The problem with this approach is that if the employees agree to sign a contract for several months to fulfil the project, how much will the company have to pay for the premature termination of the contract if your project has to come to an end?



You do not need to know much about the IT field to use this service as all you have to do is submit a request, select a suitable applicant, obtain the candidate, and pay a monthly fee to  the headhunt to recruit workers for the company’s headquarters.



Have you ever run into one of these issues and not seem to find a workable solution? Please do not hesitate to share with us so that we can talk about it and figure out the best option for your time and budget.

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