The effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have spread all over the world. It resulted in a drop in the overall economic activity as well as changing the society in a very different way. This disease, on the other hand, has elevated the form of working remotely closer to the rest of the world.


Managers and employees have faced many difficulties in working remotely in the past because they did not have adequate supporting resources for it. However, after a while, people are now accustomed to assigning and approving work through the Internet. Furthermore, businesses can receive a lot of privileges when collecting with remote employees in Asia.

1. Recruiting remote employees is the way for companies to save money

To begin with, remote jobs are an excellent way for your business to not only save money but also eliminate a lot of unnecessary resources. When the number of workers working from home reaches a significant percentage of the total workforce, the office cost, which is a major issue for any business, will greatly be reduced. Furthermore, remote employees would not be wasting money on additional fees such as parking, lunch, and so on.

2. Companies hiring remote employees have more chance to find the right candidates

Secondly, remote jobs allow international companies to employ people from various parts of the country, where you can access people with similar backgrounds but lower salaries. There is a scarcity of highly skilled workers, particularly nowadays, and if you want to recruit one in a big metropolia, the salary as well as the other benefits must be suitable with their requirements.

Privileges for global companies when collecting with remote talents in Asia
Privileges for global companies when collecting with remote talents in Asia

3. How to recruit remote employees meet the demands

I know you might be wondering, “How will I get the right remote employees if the chosen form of work is remote?”


Recruiting workers for a traditional job is already very challenging, but it is much more difficult for remote jobs. The number of people who can access your job advertisements is limited. Hence, the number of people who meet the company’s criteria and are willing to work from home would be inadequate. The easiest way to tackle this problem is to use the help of a professional headhunt firm. RECO, in this case I believe, will be an effective and wise choice.


RECO can identify candidates that fit with your organization in the first stage after receiving the company’s requirement. As they are customary, the matching rate is usually greater than 80%. After that, RECO will assist the client in the interview process, including payment negotiations with applicants to ensure mutual benefits and satisfaction. This service will guarantee that your organization will obtain comprehensive information about candidates’ experience, abilities, and vision – which are important factors to consider when recruiting workers, especially for remote positions. 


Privileges for global companies when collecting with remote talents in Asia
Privileges for global companies when collecting with remote talents in Asia

Even when you have selected the best applicant for your company, RECO still has a warranty policy to ensure that they meet the criteria during their on-job time. Within two months starting from the beginning day of the candidates in their remote jobs, RECO will take the responsibility to find new candidates to replace the previous ones. 

RECO inherits and supports optimum strategies and procedures from the Parent Company – NTQ Solution, to work as a brand specializing in consulting and recruiting senior professionals in the information technology industry. RECO guarantees the ability to supply enough human resources as well as the quality of the candidates after 9 years in the IT human resources industry, with over 1000000 eligible databases of IT applicants, advanced technology, and professional service.

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