Building a successful IT recruitment campaign is a multi-step process that includes identifying needs, attracting candidates, and retaining those who are qualified for the position. However, many businesses run recruitment drives in the same way, and they don’t always keep up with societal developments. In the recruitment industry, this is a common blunder. This essay will give you the trends of building a successful IT recruitment campaign.

1. Identify IT recruitment needs

This is the initial step in the hiring process. HR managers must meet with business owners to obtain specific information as well as business orientation in accordance with the company’s growth goal.

  • Firstly, there are roles in the organization that are currently understaffed, perhaps owing to retirement, maternity leave, etc., and it is unclear whether or not all of the jobs can be completed with the current workforce.
  • Secondly, if the company needs to grow its market, it should launch an IT recruitment effort to fill additional employees or expand into other regions. In particular, if the company has an overseas development orientation, it is even more important to identify human resources in advance: remote personnel, local personnel, …

2. Build the right IT recruitment message

Find out what qualifications you’re looking for in a candidate. Create a message for a recruitment effort that emphasizes these qualifications.


The message should target the candidates you’re looking for. Make them desire to work for you by setting yourself out from the other organizations that are hiring.


Put yourself in the shoes of a job candidate. What do you think you’d want to hear? What would entice you to submit an application?


It’s unlikely that it’s only a great income and good benefits. It might be things like job development and growth opportunities, which 87 percent of employees want. You can develop a message that speaks to your target audience after you understand who they are.

Trends of building a successful IT recruitment campaign.
Trends of building a successful IT recruitment campaign.

3. Pick your platforms to recruit IT employees

These are some places you can choose to find the right candidates in the IT recruitment process.


  • Social media: In social media,although you may have a large social media following, only a few of them are relevant to the position you’re looking for.
  • IT recruitment platforms are generally charged with very little (or even no) fees. Furthermore, since the main workforce who visit these websites are all searching for work, hence, the rate of reaching potential candidates is quite good in this case. Through these platforms, the active applicants are those who happen to glance at your company’s job posting by chance, find it appropriate, and then apply their CV. 
  • IT recruitment networking events, specialized seminars, can act as an opportunity for employers to meet potential candidates through interactive communication methods. However, in recent times, the biggest obstacle for this channel is the complicated status of the Covid-19 pandemic, which constantly makes crowded offline events impossible and impractical. 
  • IT headhunt company: IT headhunting firms also provide clients with a diverse profile and are aware of candidates’ active status, allowing them to look for and approach candidates that meet the criteria in a constructive and concentrated manner. Employers will also be carefully assisted in dealing with various prospective applicants after that. A respectable headhunting company will still have a straightforward warranty policy that supplies and supports clients with a new applicant to replace the previous candidate who unexpectedly terminated the jobs.
Trends of building a successful IT recruitment campaign.
Trends of building a successful IT recruitment campaign.

4. Get creative

It doesn’t have to be all words in your IT recruitment drive. To capture a potential candidate’s attention, use graphics and even music. Come up with interesting recruitment marketing concepts that show off your client company’s culture. If you want to attract IT employees, for example, your concepts should incorporate something about technology. It will give candidates the impression that the organization understands them.



Even if you aren’t designing a IT recruitment campaign for a large, national corporation, you may still come up with unique and inventive concepts that will attract top talent. Video is used by some recruiters in their recruitment drives. A recruiting video can be unique and personal, showcasing your client’s business in new ways. Watching a video can be easier to absorb content and more engaging. Plus, you can include testimonials from employees who work at your client’s company.



These are the steps to putting together a successful IT recruitment campaign. You must have specific plans, clearly define the target audience, and express the correct message to the IT audience in order to be successful. These items may be simple, but they will have a big impact on the recruitment of IT workers.

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