Many organizations and employers are still unfamiliar with the concept of headhunt Vietnam – a recruitment outsourcing service. Headhunt, to be specific , is very convenient as it brings the cost-cutting benefit to the human resources department and administrative labor while also ensure that the company has constant human resources to fulfill the job requirement.

1. What exactly is a headhunt service?

Vietnam’s economic environment has changed dramatically in recent years, generating favorable conditions for business development and hence, increasing the need  for human resources. The imbalance between supply and demand of the human resources industry, especially in specific industries such as finance, IT,… has made it difficult for many companies to find suitable people. As a result, for many businesses, headhunting services have become a lifesaver. It’s considered to be the best way to optimize the recruitment process.


The headhunt Vietnam organization serves as a link between potential applicants and employers. Businesses must provide the headhunter with some basic information about the job vacancy and the requirements/ eligibility that the candidate must possess. Then, headhunt companies will screen suitable candidates to meet the needs of businesses in the fastest way.

Headhunt Vietnam - Optimize your recruitment process
Headhunt Vietnam - Optimize your recruitment process

2. Benefits of a headhunt Vietnam service

Vietnam headhunt firms can search for personnel on a large scale. These firms have a broader network of recruiters and trustworthy contacts with a huge number of potential applicants. Traditional recruitment, on the other hand, mostly employs through job boards and online recruitment portals, and picks individuals based on location filters, job industry, or some other factors. As a result, headhunt company will have access  to a larger pool of prospects, increasing their chances of finding the perfect person.


Companies that specialize in headhunting can find individuals who best fit the company’s requirements . Headhunt companies’ specialists frequently have prior market experience, allowing them to analyze candidates’ knowledge, abilities, and attitudesAs an  example, for a specialized profession such as IT, using an IT headhunt company can help organizations save money on testing processes while also reducing the risk of hiring the inappropriate personnel.


Headhunters in headhunt companies will be professionally trained. They are eager to understand the recruitment market, possess the capacity to assess and provide relevant advice to both organizations and applicants throughout the process, from bridging the connection to making a successful interview, even after the candidate has successfully begin their working period. With challenging markets such as IT, headhunt IT firms are frequently chosen to locate suitable people for enterprises. Headhunt is considered as the best way to optimize the recruitment process for all the above reason.

3. Recruitment process through Vietnam headhunt company

To provide the greatest service to consumers, headhunters will follow a precise process. They help headhunt company guarantee that the customers will have the best experience.

Step 1: Customers will send requests about candidates to headhunt company

Step 2: The headhunt company will look for people who meet the criteria.

Step 3: The headhunt company will provide clients  CVs of prospective people to choose from.

Step 4: Once the customer has decided on a candidate, the headhunt company will organize an interview for both the customer and the candidate. Following the interview, the headhunt firm will continue to assist the customer in negotiating remuneration rules with the applicant so that the two parties may reach an agreement.

Step 5: After the candidate starts working, the headhunt company will provide the customer with a warranty period. Depending on the headhunt firm, different support conditions will apply if the candidate terminates their job  during the warranty period.

Headhunt Vietnam - Optimize your recruitment process
Headhunt Vietnam - Optimize your recruitment process

4. RECO 7 - IT headhunt service in Vietnam:

RECO is now one of the leading companies in the field of Vietnamese IT recruitment services. With over 9 years of experience in this area, RECO possesses a network of more than 1,000,000 IT candidates and a team of professional and experienced headhunters to ensure the supply of human resources for client companies.


RECO 7 is RECO’s highly invested headhunt service with the commitment that:

  • Customers will find the right IT candidate within 7 days of submitting the request
  • The confirmed rate of suitable and qualified CVs sent to clients is up to 80%
  • Personnel warranty up to 2 months
  • There are many different payment methods that meet the needs of the clients


The aforementioned are the fundamental facts regarding headhunt – an HR outsourcing service that can optimize the recruitment process. RECO is proud to be a provider of comprehensive IT human resource solutions in Vietnam, RECO is ready to listen and support customers about your request. For more information about headhunt IT services as well as policies for customers, please contact RECO at website or Fanpage RECO.

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