HR outsourcing (also known as Onsite service) is no longer an unusual field around the world, however firms in Vietnam are still cautious about using outside employees. Through this post, RECO will provide basic facts regarding HR outsourcing as well as reasons why firms should employ this service.

1. What is an HR outsourcing service?

HR Outsourcing is a process in which a company utilizes the services of a third party to take care of its HRdepartment . All administrative activities, labor interactions with employees, and work relating to recruiting, remuneration, and alternative recruitment will be handled by the service firm.

HR outsourcing service - New solution for companies’ human resources problem

2 . Why should you use an HR outsourcing service?

Employees of HR outsourcing services sign a labor contract with the company that provides the service. As a result, clients are not obliged by any Onsite employees’ labor agreements. In some nations, labor rules are even particularly rigorous, especially for the corporation that is responsible for a large number of people. As a result, some international organizations may  look to engage personnel to opt for Onsite services.

Outsourcing human resources is a cost-effective way for organizations to use staff. It’s ideal for enterprises with seasonal projects in which  the number of required employees fluctuates throughout the year. Outsourcing technology firms are a perfect illustration of this. These organizations have different numbers of projects due to different seasons, and keeping  too many IT workers onboard when  there are no projects is a burden for them. Using Onsite service ensures that the companies have adequate IT manpower whenever they need  and avoids overcharged during the off-seasons.

Onsite is also the solution when firms require high-skill labour for a short-term project. IT staff will find it difficult to agree on  only working for a few months and then returning to the state of unemployment,  looking for a new career. Therefore, the employers will have trouble recruiting enough employees in these situations.

HR outsourcing service - New solution for companies’ human resources problem

3. RECO Onsite - HR outsourcing service for IT market

The IT industry is rapidly expanding. In addition, the demand for IT people is growing and becoming more diverse to adapt with the increased demand of the market. As a solution to this, RECO established RECO Onsite, a specialized HR outsourcing service for the IT market, in response to customer needs. With RECO Onsite, 

  • Employees will have fewer legal issues because they will not be required to sign labor contracts or negotiate perks.
  • Ability to hire personnel for short-term initiatives 
  • Having a large number of people for a short period of time
  • Customer information is confidential: by sending personnel to work directly at the customer’s office, Reco  committed to keeping all project information confidential. Customers will not have to worry about the security of information.

Above-mentioned is the basic information about Onsite service – the HR outsourcing service that is  widely used today.  RECO is proud to be a provider of comprehensive IT human resource solutions in Vietnam and we are always   ready to listen and support customers about your request. For more information about HR outsourcing service as well as policies for customers, please contact RECO at website or Fanpage RECO.

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