Vietnamese businesses are no strangers to headhunter companies, especially when skilled workers are in short supply. Companies require a trusted, professional partner to build a talent acquisition strategy based on their particular culture and vision. But how can you know which headhunter company is best for you? It’s just as crucial to hire the appropriate applicant as it is to hire the proper headhunter services company. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the partner.

1. What is a headhunter company?

A headhunter company (recruitment agency) is a business that specializes in headhunter services. This is a form of candidate-hunting service in which a company (service buyer) pays another company (headhunter seller) to discover and recruit personnel for a certain post quickly (usually urgent or difficult position).


Typically, organizations will hunt for potential people after getting consumer requests. Some businesses will assist consumers during the interview process, negotiate salaries with applicants, or have warranty policies in place once they start working. When organizations choose headhunter services, this helps to boost reliability and assurance.


The supply and demand for IT personnel are currently unbalanced. Personnel in this field became scarce as a result. Therefore, headhunter firms specializing in IT personnel have become valuable resources for company recruitment.


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What is a headhunter company? Things to know when choosing the headhunter company
What is a headhunter company? Things to know when choosing the headhunter company

2. The headhunter company must have a clear knowledge of your vacancy

Hundreds of thousands of hits appear in less than a second after entering in the keyword “headhunter company.” Large numbers, on the other hand, will bring with them significant differences. These firms will frequently concentrate on a certain field, level, or position, such as specializing in hiring IT personnel or senior personnel, for example. As a result, you’ll need to take the initial step. Find out if the headhunter firm hires for the role your company requires on a regular basis, and if they have experience in the industry’s recruitment field.


For example, when you require IT personnel, you choose a headhunter firm that specializes in Sales recruitment. The organization may lack access to the IT human resource market, a thorough understanding of the IT industry to provide business advice and support, and a preliminary assessment of the quality of human resources before shipping. As a result, selecting time is wasted with a large percentage of unfit candidates.

3. The search process and innovative thinking

 Some businesses create cutting-edge tools to aid in the selection of candidates. Others personalize it to each client’s demands using their knowledge and hands-on experience. The most crucial element, however, is to assess the best applicant for the client firm.


Successful headhunters know how to transform an interview into a prediction of how a candidate will perform in the client’s company. They understand how interviews focus on a candidate’s overall fit and can provide you a clear image of whether a candidate can successfully confront the business’s problems. They also realize that the process will differ from one organization to the next. Your company must offer itself to prospects in a way that reflects its culture, brand, and vision.

What is a headhunter company? Things to know when choosing the headhunter company
What is a headhunter company? Things to know when choosing the headhunter company

4. Recruitment speed of headhunter company

Only a few organizations can guarantee that they will locate you as the ideal applicant within a certain amount of time. You should, however, be aware of how long a consultant typically takes to complete a successful recruitment process. This is something that headhunting firms are constantly striving to improve upon. Finding and selecting applicants swiftly will enable your organization to hire personnel sooner and accelerate project completion.

5. Price of the service

The price of a product or service is a significant factor in determining whether or not two parties will work together. Prices for service firms vary widely, depending in part on the location that the client company demands, and in part on the speed with which candidates are recruited, the company’s reputation, market scarcity, and so on.

Of course, you want all of the companies you’re looking at to have similar costs and terms, but don’t let the lowest bid be your deciding factor. Going wrong with a headhunter services company is the most expensive decision you can make.

With so many organizations offering headhunter services, choosing the appropriate one for your company is crucial. Here are some important considerations to make when selecting a headhunter company.

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