The four-day work week have been reignited by the COVID-19 pandemic, with workers and employers rethinking the importance of workplace flexibility and benefits.



Starting from 6/6/2022, 70 businesses in England that offer products and services from education, finance, hotels – restaurants – travel to digital marketing and online retailers begin running a four-day work week. This makes it very interesting because the working week might be shortened and the number of days off might be improved. But will most companies even consider the policy of a four-day work week?


Ed Siegel, who is the CEO of Charity Bank from Tonbridge, is supposed to be interested in this new coverage. He stated a shorter work week became a logical subsequent step toward a happier workforce. Callum Howard, a spokesman for Platten’s – a restaurant from Norfolk, said that giving the workers higher work-life stability allows them to perform more efficiently and effectively.

After the pandemic, companies progressively found out that quality of lifestyle might be a new key competitive factor, so with that, reducing the working time and improving the employees’ performance are their new goals. That is the reason behind the large-scale experiment of the four-day work week – the anticipated global trend for businesses.


Move from five-day work week to four-day work week
Move from five-day work week to four-day work week



In 2019, the department of Microsoft Corporation, which is in Japan (Microsoft Japan) examined a 4-day working week and found out that the productiveness is improved by 40% at the same time as power intake reduced by 23%. In addition, Bolt – a leading technology corporation has carried out a four-day work week in the autumn of 2021 and has acquired fine remarks from their workforce. Work productivity has improved significantly; the whole experience was extraordinary; personnel continually feel excited and happy. A survey performed at the end of the 3-month trial indicated that 94% of the company’s employees and 91% of managers wish for this system to be officialized.


According to the Japanese newspaper – Nikkei, many organizations and governments in Asia have carefully experimented with the concept of a four-day work week. In April, Hitachi stated it’d introduce a four-day work week to approximately 15,000 of its personnel within the monetary year finishing March 2023. Game developer Game Freak – well-known for the Pokemon series – announced that it has delivered a four-day work week for some personnel. Other huge names like Panasonic Holdings and NEC are also considering the appliance of a similar mechanism.



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