Outsourcing and Remote staffing are growing up like a working trend since the pandemic has been going on 2 years ago. Both are popular options for business today. Read on to find out which way is more efficient and more profitable for your business. 

Which one is better ?

What is outsourcing?

Simply, outsourcing is a way in which businesses will contract with third-party for specified work. Besides that, outsourcing also is a way of cost-cutting since it can affect a wide range of jobs, ranging from customer support to manufacturing to the back office. Companies have a demand for outsourcing services from vendors when they are missing the in-house capabilities and experience.


What is outsourcing?

What is remote staffing?

It is a practice where you hire employees to work remotely as an extension of your existing team for either a short-term or long-term project. You can search and hire talented candidates and integrate them into your company and its process. Hiring staff to handle jobs remotely is a bright option for scaling up your business due to proficient members who have lots of time and can work flexibly. 

what is remote staffing?

So what is the difference between them?

Remote teams show flexibility in work, while outsourced teams can have a more inferior price.


In some aspects, remote staffing may seem like an expensive option compared to outsourcing. Cause remote staffing is an extension of your team so they need to fit in your company’s culture and structure so they will bring reliability to your company. In short, remote staffing gives you flexibility with expenses, and in the long term, it is a reliable option. Of course, It also depends on your company’s resources.

With outsourcing, it is a lower-cost option, you are generally paying for the completion of a campaign. It can be delicate to modify or alter the compass of the pre-agreed. In addition, your association can anticipate supervising with a hands-off approach to the operation to the lineup that actually does the work. Although this seems like it would pay off in the long run, it can have some pitfalls in the future. exploration shows that while outsourcing can be cheaper at the onset, you can gain a fresh 14 to 60 in retired costs, whether it’s from the cost of poor work quality to the cost of unplanned pitfalls or lost time in collaboration.

Remote teams show flexibility in work,
Remote teams show flexibility in work,


Work culture can be changed

For remote staffing, you can easily choose talented candidates to join and work in your team, on the other hand, you can’t have criteria to select the one you want. Especially for the people who are working for your company, you know more about them and their abilities. 


In addition, the remote staff is a part of your team which means they will clearly understand your company values and it can lead to enhanced brand image and stronger brand identity. With outsourcing, you hire them to get your project done as soon as possible so the company’s culture is not a factor that is accounted for.

Both can shift work culture
Both can shift work culture

Level of control


Remember, when you outsource or use the solution from a third party, you can’t deeply control the people working on your tasks. 


For remote staffing, cause they are working as full-time employees in your organization, you can better supervise them by working hours, and working processes. 


Outsourcing has one final destination: to complete the job at the given time. Although your work will generally be finished on time, you won’t have control over who works on your systems or account – meaning processes can be changed.

Different levels of control between 2 ways
Different levels of control between 2 ways





Both outsourcing and remote staffing are good services to use for your business. Understanding the differences clearly between these solutions can help you choose the right option and will improve your company’s productivity and profitability.


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