Vietnam is a reliable destination for investing in the Information Technology sector. With a developed economy and a large pool of over 1.3 million high-quality ICT professionals, Vietnam has become an attractive destination for Korean businesses. However, building an efficient IT workforce in Vietnam is not easy. It requires a knowledge of the features of the Vietnamese labor market, as well as an understanding of the expectations and objectives of Vietnamese applicants in the IT area.


Fortunately, with the support of Reco Manpower – the largest IT recruitment ecosystem in Vietnam, Korean businesses can enhance their competitive capabilities by successfully building an IT workforce in the Vietnamese market.

Navigating the Competitive Talent Market: Solutions for Employers

1. Challenges that employers are facing in the Competitive Talent Market

Initially founded as the recruitment department at NTQ – a top 10 technological firm in Vietnam, Reco has gradually built effective and strong cooperation with Korean enterprises investing in Vietnam. Through consultation and support to clients, Reco recognizes that Korean investors frequently face three problems while entering the Vietnamese labor market:


Lack of understanding of the candidate’s psychology, willingness to be treated, and appropriate level: This is due to cultural and habitual differences between the two countries. Setting proper benefits, wages, or candidate management by Korean enterprises may not match Vietnamese candidates’ expectations.


Absence of a recruitment team and human resources policy advisors: Recruiting IT personnel in Vietnam requires knowledge of the labor market, culture, and welfare policies of Vietnam.


Differences in communication and work culture between Vietnam and Korea: Cultural differences in communication and work between the two countries are also a challenge when Korean businesses recruit IT personnel in Vietnam.


Building an IT programming team in Vietnam can bring many benefits to Korean businesses. However, to ensure effectiveness and success in working with the programming team in Vietnam, Korean businesses need to prepare detailed and suitable plans, as well as ensure effective management and operation of the programming team.

2. Employers’ pain points

With a reputation and professional experience in the IT human resources field, Reco has been highly regarded and trusted to become the strategic recruitment partner for three leading Korean technology companies: Samsung, Naver, and Smilegate.


For Samsung, Reco assisted its hunt for and recruitment of IT experts during a period when the market was severely lacking in such roles. Reco successfully advised and recruited candidates who satisfied Samsung’s demanding quality and professional skills standards in under two months.


For Naver, when they first entered the Vietnamese market, the firm intended to hire a large number of programming specialists, particularly senior-level Front-end and Back-end positions. During the Covid epidemic, candidate search and persuasion were severely limited. Despite these challenges, Reco effectively assisted Naver in the development of appropriate human resource policies and personally recruited great IT experts who passed multiple tests and became long-term employees at Naver Vietnam.


For Smilegate, when the company entered the Vietnamese market, it struggled to find software expertise for game development projects. Reco assisted Smilegate in properly searching for and recruiting experienced game developers, consequently increasing the development process and enhancing product quality.


With outstanding strengths in the IT human resources supply field, Reco has become a strategic recruitment partner for leading technology companies in Korea, including Samsung, Naver, and Smilegate, and is supplying quality personnel to many other Korean businesses. Reco Manpower is proud to be the top destination for Korean businesses planning to build an efficient IT workforce in Vietnam. 

Furthermore, IT headhunter companies will assist organizations with employee interviews as well as recruitment procedures. The most noticeable characteristic of the headhunter firm is their discovery of precise information about the candidate’s qualification, desired salary, and criteria. Professional IT staffing firms create a network of candidate and recruitment collaborators that are ready to connect. These units can therefore quickly access functions in the recruitment process and maximize client benefits.

RECO, being one of Vietnam’s leading IT personnel supply firms, can surely offer you the best solution to the problem of remote IT recruitment, including:


  • Working in the field of IT recruitment for over 11 years
  • Having a network of over 1,000,000 candidates and specialists around the country.
  • 80% of CVs sent to clients are approved the first time.
  • Many payment policies for enterprises are supported.


IT remote recruitment is a strength of RECO Manpower. We always accompany technological enterprises to assist members who have established themselves in Vietnam with exciting job options.


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