Covid-19 has brought a significant impact on global HR trends. Not only many firms are in need of direct recruitment or regional recruitment, but they are also in need of remote employees all over the world. In addition, Vietnam is emerging as a potential area with a significant number of qualified individuals. However, what is the current option for connecting foreign enterprises with Vietnamese IT personnel?

1. Problems of foreign enterprises when recruiting Vietnamese human resources

A company that wants to use remote personnel from another country may confront numerous obstacles. To begin with, managers do not know how to contact and attract local prospects when entering a new market. There are numerous methods for disseminating recruitment information, but not all of them are effective.


Local employees will have to conduct an extensive study into a foreign company’s recruitment information, including the company’s history, fields, accomplishments, remuneration, and so on.

Furthermore, candidates may have trouble verifying the accuracy of the material. This further diminishes the chances of finding employees in foreign markets.


Second, the requirement of candidates for benefits differs by country. Typically, Japanese employees do not wish to work fewer hours, but giving Vietnamese staff Saturday off will be a welcome perk. Foreign businesses must undoubtedly learn about and provide attractive and relevant policies to recruit good individuals.


Third, international HR personnel sometimes have trouble interacting with and persuading local employees. This could be due to cultural and communication differences. As can be seen, businesses seeking human resources from abroad will confront numerous obstacles.

Vietnamese remote employees - the solution for business during the epidemic
Vietnamese remote employees - the solution for business during the epidemic

2. Strengths of Vietnamese remote IT employees

As mentioned, due to a large number of talented IT professionals and the ability to use varied languages, Vietnam is becoming one of the prospective markets. Vietnamese IT remote employees and projects have won many awards in the international arena, such as the IT World Awards 2021. This demonstrates the qualifications of the Vietnamese IT personnel in part. Vietnam has a unique feature in that it strives to expand globally, thus its workers have long had access to many projects in the region and around the world.

Furthermore, this team in Vietnam is skilled in a range of programming languages and frameworks, as well as the ability to fill a variety of roles within the company. Regarding the framework, it can be mentioned as Rust, Python, Go, C ++, Java or Javascript, … As for the position, it can include: Developer, Tester,…This is due in part to the nature of the business. Because Vietnam encourages technological advancement, IT professionals in the country have more opportunities to develop a wider range of skills. As a result, when hiring remote workers, global organizations will not have to worry about the ability of Vietnamese IT personnel to integrate.

3. Remote employees - Solutions for businesses in the epidemic season

Vietnamese remote employees - the solution for business during the epidemic
Vietnamese remote employees - the solution for business during the epidemic

A cross-national HR connection solution was established in response to the needs of foreign firms and the potential of Vietnamese IT applicants. This solution is also known as Headhunter, which is a candidate-hunting service.

These businesses will accept your inquiries and act as a link between you and the candidate. You can send a summary of specific job criteria to the headhunter firm, such as:

  • Experience: This is a crucial criterion for companies to consider. The greater the level of experience required in the application, the more difficult it is for the company to choose the right candidate. Professional recruiting teams with experience and industry knowledge are available at headhunter firms that specialize in IT recruitment. They’ll find the best candidate for the job.
  • Language programs: headhunter companies are always ready to give candidates who can use a variety of language programs.
  • Salary: IT headhunter companies will assist both the employer and the candidate in salary discussions. These businesses will, in particular, present a suggested wage that is appropriate for the position as well as the human resource market, based on their knowledge of the recruitment industry. If you need to hire Vietnamese remote employees, this service will assist you in developing a policy that will make it easier for you to hire people.

Furthermore, IT headhunter companies will assist organizations with employee interviews as well as recruitment procedures. The most noticeable characteristic of the headhunter firm is their discovery of precise information about the candidate’s qualification, desired salary, and criteria. Professional IT staffing firms create a network of candidate and recruitment collaborators that are ready to connect. These units can therefore quickly access functions in the recruitment process and maximize client benefits.

RECO, being one of Vietnam’s leading IT personnel supply firms, can surely offer you the best solution to the problem of remote IT recruitment, including:

  • Working in the field of IT recruitment for over 9 years
  • Having a network of over 1,000,000 candidates and specialists around the country.
  • 70% of CVs sent to clients are approved the first time
  • Many payment policies for enterprises are supported.

IT remote recruitment is a strength of RECO Manpower. We always accompany technological enterprises to assist members who have established themselves in Vietnam with exciting job options.

If you have any questions about our headhunting services or remote IT recruitment, please contact us via our Website or Fanpage.

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