Many people confuse employment agencies and recruitment agencies when it comes to recruitment companies. Even though the programs or names seem to be identical, the way they operate is vastly different. As a job seeker, it’s important to know which recruitment companies you should contact to find the right job for you.

What is the difference between an employment agency and a recruitment agency?

Employment agency

Employment agencies may be privately owned or run by the government. These businesses’ primary function is to assist people.


The operations of these businesses are focused on assisting people who are having trouble finding and keeping jobs. When a recruitment agency refers an employee, the recruitment agency or company may hire them on mutually agreed-upon terms.


Employment agencies can provide a large number of services. The job center can provide a wide variety of services, from basic application filtering to high-end search company services. In addition, some reintroduction companies work as recruitment agencies, submitting applications for temporary or long-term positions.

What is the difference between an employment agency and a recruitment agency?

Recruitment agency


On the other hand, recruitment agencies work with firms to retain and select the best applicants for a specific role. These companies place a premium on their customers’ needs.


Companies that offer executive search services only target senior roles within businesses. These recruitment agencies are specifically searching for Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Chief Financial Officers, few of whom have “job-hopping” needs or who prefer to search for work passively.


Most aspects of the interview process, such as screening, wage and benefits negotiations, are usually handled by a recruitment agency. Furthermore, the senior recruitment company negotiates with both the client and the candidate to ensure that everybody is happy with the result.

What is the difference between these two kinds of agencies?


Sometimes, confusing employment agencies and recruitment agencies cause a lot of trouble for employees and firms. 


Businesses, for example, are often irritated by employment agencies because they have applicants that lack appropriate expertise and experience. Besides, candidates are often annoyed with the employment agencies because they do not assist them with their job search. Understanding the differences between the two improves a candidate’s chances of obtaining the desired result.


The main difference between a recruitment agency and an employment agency is the target audience. In an employment company, the job seeker plays a more important role than the employer (business). While, for recruitment companies, this is the opposite, their main customers are businesses or organizations looking for candidates.


Recruitment agencies are private enterprises and provide headhunt services. Once companies approach the recruitment firm directly to have job descriptions and precise qualifications, their work begins. The recruitment agencies then find suitable applicants and are charged a service fee by the company. 

Employment agencies always are stage-based enterprises or private enterprises. When there is a relevant position, employment agencies assist applicants in finding jobs and are charged a service charge from the employee’s salary.


We hope the above information clarifies what a Vietnam employment agency and a Vietnam recruitment agency are. Readers may seek more detailed advice on job search services from the websites of recruitment agencies. 


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